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Picking a Practitioner

Last week I hosted the amazingly beautiful and gifted NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) practitioner, Erika Barrantes in my Magic Hour in the Sanctuary. I created the Magic Hour live so members could learn about different things in my world. You know, things like spirit, souls, energy, healing, wellness, and especially love — self-love in particular!

*If you're not a Sanctuary member you can watch an older interview I did with Erika on my YouTube channel.*

Part of self-love includes allowing yourself the opportunity to try out different things that help you raise your energy. Even if you are well and healthy, there is great benefit to finding different therapies, modalities, and practices that keep your energy up. As I have said before, when your energy is up, your wellness follows!

But when it comes time to choosing a practice, or a practitioner, it can be difficult. It’s important that you find someone who can help you feel good, and not scare you. If you don’t walk away from a session with a practitioner feeling safe and good, then that person is not for you! I’m not saying that you should always walk away feeling 100% amazing, but you should feel safe in the hands of the practitioner, that you trust them, and that you feel an ultimate benefit being with them. Some practitioners can have a way about them that leaves us feeling unsettled, or they invoke a bit of fear in us. If that is the case, then I urge you to find someone else. Someone who’s energy uplifts you!

Much love,


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