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Signs and Signals

Every time I see a beautiful rainbow, a stunning orange rose, or a floating butterfly (especially monarchs) I am reminded about how special my connection with the spiritual world is. I pay attention to signs and signals daily, and when I do, I am always uplifted! These spiritual communications from beings on the other side help me keep my mood high and my mind happily engaged in their world of possibility.

Each day, I hope you can make time to open your senses and feel the connection with spirit. From there you can know you are always supported in your life. Whether you find an inexplicable coin in your jacket, or feel a breeze against your cheek when there is no wind, or you hear a loving greeting that seems to have no origin, these can be other-wordly indicators that your deceased loves ones are helping you from the other side. Allow your emotions to feel the energy and your thoughts to wander through their world of love. Freeing your thoughts from believing these esoteric connections are coincidental will give you a renewed sense of wonder!

Much love,


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