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Support from all Angles

I’m so thankful to you all for keeping me uplifted with your comments of love and appreciation for hearing my story over the years. It’s those who reach out with their comments of support that I turn to in times when I feel like I’m not heard by more people. Yes, even I get down sometimes when I look around too closely at the small things that seem broken, like our political system, our medical system, and our care system for the elderly. I can get caught up in the details of what’s wrong, and then I feel like the “powers that be” aren’t learning and my life’s passion to share my story isn’t a strong enough impact.

But then, when I talk to my Sanctuary members, or I do a live talk on my social media platforms (like Youtube/Facebook/Instagram) and I take questions from followers, I realize how much of a positive impact I actually do have! People do care. People are trying to make change 💖. You are here trying to make positive change for yourself, and I am heartened by this. I love all of you for just being you, and for allowing the universe, source, god (whatever you want to call the reason for everything) to give your soul a chance in this lifetime, to learn the things it wants to learn.

So thank you for your continued, loving support. As I close out the month of August with the concept of caring and supporting those in need, I am so incredibly grateful for all of you and your support. Thank you.

Much love,


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