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Taking Our Power Back

In a recent chat I had with Michael Sandler of Inspire Nation he asked me about the idea of taking back our power from people who keep us in a position of not being in control of our own lives. In this conversation with Michael, I reminded him that from a very young age I wrestled with two different Anitas: (1) the dutiful daughter who was created by the expectations of cultural convention and societal expectations; and (2) the hidden Anita who who really disliked the cultural conventions laid out for her.

I know that some of you continue to wrestle against measures being pushed from societal expectations and demands, and you may feel like you are being manipulated to be someone different from your internal, authentic self. When I succumbed to my illness in 2006, I realize that over my lifespan, I had squeezed my consciousness, my psyche, my mind into what eventually became my tiny small withering frame, when I should have allowed all of myself to express and expand! If I had not hidden the true Anita away, my body would not have withered. So, I urge everyone to recognize when they feel they are being squeezed out, shoved back, or otherwise manipulated into hiding their authentic selves to reclaim their space and their right to be who they are, unapologetically. Make your body and your mind sing together by allowing your true emotions and thoughts to flourish. It’s not just about reclaiming your power, it’s about using your personal empowerment to enjoy the life you have!

Much love,


Watch the interview:

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