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Talking about Energy!

You know, I spend a lot of time talking about energy and yet I never get tired of it. You might say that talking about energy helps me feel energized. So many people ask me how to raise their energy. Sometimes they ask me how they know if their energy is going up or down because they have a hard time telling. Or sometimes they ask me how to help someone else raise their energy. There’s so much to talk about with respect to energy, that we could continue to talk about it without running out of ideas!

This is part of the reason why I created my online Sanctuary. I have learned that when we get together (either in person or online) we can talk openly about our own energy and how we feel, and we can share tips with others about what we do to give ourselves a boost when we need it. This month in the Sanctuary we’re devoting time to discussions about how to understand ourselves energetically, how to know when our energy levels are shifting, and what we can do to help ourselves gain more high vibrations. I really do believe that when we raise our energies, healing across our emotional and our physical levels can happen!

Of course, I also have plenty of videos on my YouTube channel also discussing energy, and I often chat about it during my Facebook and Instagram lives if you want to drop in there and share a comment!

So join me on whatever platform works for you and let's talk about energy! What do you do to keep yours up? What therapies help you get there? How do you recharge your own battery? How do you know when it’s time to fill your tank?

Much Love,



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