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Things That Go Bump in the Night

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I am reissuing this note below because I know there are still people who have this concern and I wanted to remind them, and to tell new followers that from my perspective, Halloween isn’t evil! Please continue reading to understand how our energy helps us define the way we perceive things.

I know that Halloween isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for Danny and I, it’s a playful time with costumes, fun and of course... CHOCOLATE! All kidding aside, I know that so many of you really dislike the concept of Halloween. Some have instilled religious thoughts and believe Halloween is a celebration of evil, and some continue to have bad memories from when they were children seeing all those terrifying costumes! And some have difficulty with it because there is an affiliation of giving children massive amounts of candy. Either way, there are people who really do not like Halloween.

If you are someone who has had terrifying experiences with ghosts, apparitions, or negative energies, I wanted to remind you that during my NDE I learned that the things that come to us with terror and fear are from our minds, not from the loving source of the “All that is”. I know some people have had real experiences with unexplained energies, and I believe your experiences are real. What happens with these experiences is that when we find fear in them, we let that fear drive our perception of what is happening, and we allow the fear to make things worse. When we are afraid, we tend to feel those experiences much more strongly than other experiences, and that focus on the fear affects us. If you shine your flashlight though on the things that bring you joy, and you ask for your soul to invite the highest energies to your experience, you will not find those fears!

So, instead of focusing on worry, anxiety and fear when you have an unexplained energetic experience, you can speak to your soul and your spirit support team about making these experiences more light hearted, or to take them away entirely if they bother you. When you look for the love behind the energy, and don’t judge it as being evil (since there is no evil coming from the Other Side), your experience will change. I love Halloween because I focus on the playful side of things. I also always ask my guides to bring things to me that feel good, not scary. This is a constant conversation with them. I say “Spirit, please bring to me everything which is for my highest good, and more!” And, I say those words from a genuine place of love for my spirit-team, not from a place of fear. I love them as much as they love me. I hope this works for you too, if you are feeling fearful at this time of year!

Much love,



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