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Work Detox: A Message of Self-Love and Renewal

Over the past few weeks, I've been spending cherished moments with Danny and dear friends. My heart feels so full, brimming with love and gratitude for these connections! ❤️


Danny and I made a conscious decision to step away from our work commitments for a brief period over the holidays. It was a deliberate choice to prioritize our relationship and nurture our souls. While our passion for our work fuels us, we recognized the importance of pausing, refueling, and embracing this time to start the new year with renewed spirits.


This break has been transformative, allowing us to reconnect deeply with each other and our chosen family. My cup overflows with the richness of these experiences! I understand that many of you might have obligations that can't be set aside, but I encourage you to find moments to replenish your own energy amidst your responsibilities. Each of us holds the power to recharge, even in the smallest moments. Whether it's a walk amidst nature, engaging in creative endeavors, or simply spending time with loved ones, these moments of self-care and rejuvenation are invaluable.


As we step into this new year, I wish for each of you an abundance of self-love, a profound connection with your spiritual guides, and the courage to pursue what resonates with your heart. May this year be one where love, curiosity, and high vibrations guide your path.

With boundless love,


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Happy New Year Anita, Danny and the 'team'. May 2024 be filled with love and Laughter. Much Love and gratitude from Bev Young in Queensland, Australia 😘

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