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Connecting with THIS Side as well as THAT Side

I spend a lot of time answering people’s questions about how to connect with the other side. When I had my NDE, I was not just connected, but immersed with the spirit realm. When I came back to my body, I realized that we are always immersed with the spirit realm, its just that we forget sometimes when life gets busy!

I wanted to remind you of this fact: you are always connected, even when you feel you aren’t. We can’t help but be spiritual because our souls are with us all the time. And when they aren’t ‘with’ us it’s because they have finished their earthly journey and no longer need our bodies.

Another thing I wanted to quickly remind you of is that if you are intently focused on connecting with the “other side” all the time, you can forget the fact that we must connect with others on this side. All of us are here together and if we allow an imbalance of our focus on the esoteric side of living we can neglect the physical side of life. So, while you spend time listening to your spirit guides, don’t forget to associate with human beings too, and find ways to be in a community of people. We’re all in this together!

Much love,


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I love all your wisdom Anita! I hope to meet you someday!😍

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