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I Don’t Have Your Magic Pill, But I Know who Does!

Hi everyone, I’ve been thinking about our wellness trajectories a lot recently. When I go to events, many people ask me to help them heal. They ask me for advice on how to get rid of their physical problems.

In my books and my videos I have explained everything I know, and how I helped myself heal from the illness that I had. I’ve put it all out there for everyone to know what I know so that everyone can all absorb these ideas at their own pace. But still, I feel for people who are stuck in their illness trajectory, and don’t see a way forward.

In those cases, I really would love everyone to know that they have the power to accept themselves as they are. This acceptance is healing. When we reach outward looking for answers from other people, it’s like we are giving our power away to them.

I wanted to remind everyone that I don’t have your magic pill. Other people don’t have your magic pill either. You have your own magic pill!! And that pill comes in the shape of complete and total acceptance — acceptance of your body, your mind and your soul’s journey. Reach inward to find your own answers, create your own magic pill, and feel your personal empowerment grow. When you do, you will start to understand that where you are today is exactly where you should be. Going forward, engage in total self-acceptance and feel your world become more gentle, calm, and loving.

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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