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Magical Marinades Effect Everything!

This week I'm focusing on the idea of Magical Marinades! Magic is something a lot of people put down as being untrue, fake or folly, but if you look at magic from a different perspective, you will see that it’s not quackery!

You see, the way I understand it is that magic happens when we allow the universe to present its gifts to us without us knowing beforehand what the gift will be! It’s like magic when something amazing shows up in our lives and we didn’t know things could be so amazing; it simply seems magical! I’m here to let you know that magic is real, and we should not let others define what this term means for us.

When you have a marinade that is uplifting and high-vibe, and you open your heart and mind to possibilities, your energetic marinade resonates at a much higher level than usual. And because of that, the Universe can bring things to you that your mind is too limited to create! So, be magical! Have marinades in your life in your home, work, relationships, and income that raise the high-vibe bar for you. If you expect the magic, it’ll find you!

Much love,


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