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MMM, TriM or Mx3

Hi everyone, I’ve been on a recent kick of focusing my attention toward magic, manifesting and miracles (MMM, TriM or Mx3), and I wanted to share a short story with you about how overlooking your intuition can get in the way of MMM!

Danny and I were living in an apartment right on the ocean. After some time being there, I started to feel a need to be more grounded, and I wondered if I was supposed to live a little more inland. But I kept thinking about how much I love the ocean, and I wanted to be near it. So I ignored my feeling of needing to be more grounded. Imagine my surprise when my landlady said she wanted to take her apartment back!

Ok, “no problem” I thought. Over the time we had lived there, I had noticed there was always a sign outside our building advertising: "Two-Bedroom Apartments Available". So, I figured we could just push our stuff out of one apartment and into another in the same building. Done and dusted easily. Except that when I looked for the sign, it wasn't there! The building was full! So, Danny and I waited a week, then two weeks, and finally we had to start searching for another place before we were going to be out on the street! I admit I was a bit stressed holding out for a place in the same area. After more attempts to find a place nearby, we eventually looked just a couple of blocks inland and found a townhouse that we really liked that was twice the size of our previous apartment! But get this - the very day the new landlady gave us the key to the new place, we headed back home to our old apartment to get our things, and the sign saying “Two-Bedroom Apartments Available” was back up! Are you kidding me? No. The universe wasn’t kidding! It was manifesting a miracle/magic for me, and I should have just listened to my intuition the first time, when I felt it. Maybe then I wouldn’t have spent undue effort and stress trying to follow my old ideas.

The universe gives us opportunities to do things that are good for us. Our way of knowing what those opportunities are come from our intuition. When we are connected to the energy of the ‘other side’ it speaks to us through our intuition. And when we follow that intuition, MMM, TriM or Mx3 is just around the corner!

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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