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My New High Vibe Marinade

Instead of waiting around for someone to change my marinade for me, I decided to set things in motion for myself and remodel and relaunch my online home, The Sanctuary!

And the best part, for the first time in a year, we are reopening the doors to new members!

So, what will you see in my new online home?

  • A fresh aesthetic, new customized decor, and bright windows in the form of new, interactive chat rooms,

  • regular conversations with me, where we share successes and stories

  • a new Infinite Energy Circle,

  • new class discussion groups,

  • a bespoke space for the 180 Day Program,

  • a ‘Magic Hour’ for my expert friends to visit us,

  • and of course, all of my courses, videos, and Masterclasses (exclusive to the Sanctuary)

I’m hearing great things about how people feel in the new Sanctuary website; it’s bright, airy, and easy to navigate. People are coming in and finding each other, excitedly. The chat boards are starting to light up with hellos and high vibe comments. It’s just what I wanted for my marinade in an online Sanctuary, and what I want to make available to all of our members!

I really hope to see you in the Sanctuary. I have more live events than ever before, we have the ever popular Meeting Point 24/7 text chat area, and we have a new weekly open video room where you can hang out with other Sanctuary members for a good chat!

Our community is waiting for you! Visit to discover it for yourself!

Much love, Anita


Join me live today at 1pm PST on Facebook or Instagram. I'll be counting down to the unveiling of the new Sanctuary at 1:11pm PST, answering questions, and maybe even showing you around!


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